Change a Life • Reunite a Family • Support a Community

Bridges of Iowa is about you – your brother, your sister, your child, your parent, your friend, or it could be about you. It is a person lost without hope standing alone looking for the way back home and you find a Bridge to find your way home – Bridges of Iowa is the way home!

Gift of Hope

$20 – $100

  • Provides a bus pass to work
  • Provides a warm coat, boots, hats, gloves

A Helping Hand

$100 – $500

  • Provides family healing counseling
  • Providesfinancial literacy

A Gift of Life

  • 1-outpatient counseling session $75 
  • 1-day of Treatment (halfway house) $150
  • 1-day of Treatment (inpatient) $600
  • 1-week of Treatment (halfway house) $1,000
  • 1-week of Treatment (inpatient) $4,200
  • Total Treatment for one individual $15,000 (Includes matching funds)

Level Annual            Per Monthly

Gold  $15,000           $1250/mo

Level Annual            Per Monthly

Silver  $10,000           $850/mo

Level Annual            Per Monthly

Bronze  $5,000             $450/mo

Graduation Sponsor

Join the Bridges of Iowa’s team by becoming a sponsor of the 6 graduation celebrations in 2022.   Graduations are conducted at FFH Enrichment Center on the DMACC Campus, Ankeny Iowa from 6-9 pm.

The sponsorship includes: 

  • Signage at the event and on our website
  • Opportunities to display your business products and to retain employees
  • The most important is to join the celebration of a productive citizen returning to our community

Yearly Sponsorship for all six graduations: $5,000.00 

Graduation Dates

January 20, 2022      

                   March 17, 2022                        

                       May 19, 2022                           

                         July 21, 2022                            

              September 22, 2022               

 November 17, 2022 

How to Give

Spending time and money on treatment is an investment in people’s lives and community.

                                                                              Contact Pat Coughlin


                                                                              Phone: (515) 326-5650


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