How to Help

The best way to support Bridges of Iowa is financially. We know that everyone has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This impact isn’t just financial as we’ve also seen increases in substance abuse and, tragically, overdoses. We’d like to acknowledge―especially now―that every dollar helps, and because it helps our community your donation really is helping you. To that end, we’re seeking ranges of donations starting from $2,500 and going as high as you or your foundation are able to help if you’ve been less impacted or positively affected.

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    • 130 East 3rd Street ― Suite 01
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The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically reshaped our priorities as individuals, employees, public servants, and as a community. While we are still experiencing this pandemic, Bridges of Iowa has been focused on how we can do even more to serve the needs that are coming in the near-future. We are preparing in an environment of skyrocketing unemployment, loss of healthcare, and dramatic increases in substance abuse and overdoses. One study indicated that 47% of Iowans are drinking alcohol from home during work hours with over 33% saying they are likely to drink more alcohol in isolation and 20% of respondents stockpiled alcohol for self-isolation. Bridges of Iowa has long been an innovative, cost-efficient, and successful program for substance abuse problems. Our wraparound services ensure that people are able to obtain and maintain employment. In fact, many of our current clients and alumni are the heroic frontline workers enabling businesses and society to carry on during these challenging times. But these times are more challenging for some of us, and there is a pandemic within a pandemic of increased substance abuse and overdose deaths.

Foundational Support Works

Twenty years ago Don and Charlene Lamberti formed a foundation that provided the idea and funding for the innovative and comprehensive Bridges of Iowa program. They were moved by their son Anthony’s personal struggle with substance abuse and experiences within the criminal justice system. Bridges of Iowa is a local organization that for twenty years has run an effective, successful, long-term substance abuse treatment and reentry program. We have been collaborating with Polk County Iowa for many years on our shared goal of reducing recidivism in our community and successfully returning those affected by substance abuse back to their loved ones.